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Size(mm): 1750(W) x 1585(H) x 750(D)
Advanced Semi-Auto System
Optimized for graphene, CNT, h-BN TMDC growth
Water-cooled end chambers doors
Process Temperature: ~1,100°C
Uniformity of Film Thickness: ≤+-3%
Testing Uniformity: ≤+-3%
Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating
fast cooling of the sample
Standard safety box

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Columbia University TA100 (4inch)
University of North Texas TCVD 100A
Harvard University TCVD 100mm
Boston University TCVD 100mm 


University of Cambridge TA100 (4inch) (UK)
University of Cambridge TCVD 100A (4inch) (UK)
Norwegian University of Science Technology (Norway)
University of Bari TA100 (4inch) (Italy)




King Abdullah Uuiversity TCVD System(2inch) (Saudi Arabia)

Columbia university (USA) TA100(4inch)
University of Cambridge(UK) TA100(4inch)
University of Bari (Italy) TA100(4inch)
University of North Texas TCVD 100A
Norwegian University of Science Technology (Norway)
University of Cambridge (UK) TCVD 100A(4inch)
UCLA (US) TCVD 100mm
Harvard University (US) TCVD 100mm
Boston University (US) TCVD 100mm



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Stard 4-Inch Thermal CVD System with a Safety Cabinet
TCVD-100A is a very sophisticated cost effective CVD system that can be equipped with semi-automatic or fully programmable gas-flow temperature control modules. It is the most ideal equipment for the synthesis of high quality graphene h-BNs, which can be easily extended to various 2D materials synthesis. The safety cabinet that covers the whole system protects users from any hazardous event, the emergency stop button will ensure the safety even further.

  • Furnace ( Heater )

    Furnace ( Heater )
    • Heating element
      Kantal-A1 (~1050°C), SIC (~1300°C), Super Kantal (~1600°C)
    • Heater insulation
      Ceramic Fiber
    • Heater power
      220V 1Phase 3.5kW
    • Heater zone type
      1 zone
    • Quartz tube size
      φ 50mm - 100mm, 300mm / φ 100mm - 150mm, 350mm
    • Thermocouple (expendable)
      K-type single wire 1ea (~1100°C) / R-type (~1500°C)
    • Recommended temperature
      1000°C (Kantal-A1)
    • Quartz tube size(mm)
      φ - 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. / Length - 800, 1200, 1500, 1800, etc.
    • Rail applied
      Rapid cooling or rapid heating
  • TCVD Controller Panel

    TCVD Controller Panel
    • System status
    • System Valve Controller / Vacuum indicator
    • Furnace temperature controller
  • TCVD Vacuum/Gas Control

    • Rotary pump - W2V40 (*RP)

      Rotary pump - W2V40 (*RP)
      Pumping speed: 400 l/min
      Pump oil: fomblin oil

    • Rotary pump auto vent valve

      Rotary pump auto vent valve
      240 V AC (Normal open type)

    • Angle valve - NW 40

      Angle valve - NW 40
      port, Pneumatic type

    • MFC (Atovac AFC500)

      MFC (Atovac AFC500)
      a. MFC1 : Ar (1000 SCCM )
      b. MFC2 : CH4 (200 SCCM )
      c. MFC3 : H2 (100 SCCM ) 

      Pneumatic Valve
      a. Ar    input valve
      b. CH4    input valve
      c. H2    input valve
      d. Vent valve
      e. Main Gas input valve

  • Gas Module

    Gas Module
    • Bubbler carrier gas line
    • Bubbler gas line
    • Vent valve
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • Bubbler
    • Main gas valve
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • Gas manifold
    • Gas valve
    • Max 6 channel
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • MFC (Atovac AFC-500)
    • Port - ¼" VCR type
  • Utility Area

    Utility Area
    • Pneumatic pressure switch - TCP SPS-206-01 (*Air Pressure Low)
      Control range : 0~0.6 MPa / Set pressure : 0.3 Mpa
    • Pneumatic regulator
      SYM BW20 (0.05~0.85MPa)
    • Solenoid valve
      Normal close , DC 24V / φ 4mm one touch fitting
    • Water pressure switch - TCP SPS-203-01(*Water Pressure Low)
      Control range : 0~0.3 MPa / Set pressure : 0.2 Mpa
    • Pneumatic port
      φ 6mm one touch fitting
    • Solenoid valve
      Normal close , DC 24V, / φ 4mm one touch fitting
    • Cooling water in/out port
      φ 3/8inch lock fitting
    • Angle valve - NW 40
      port, Pneumatic type
  • Sample Loading End Chamber

    Sample Loading End Chamber
    • Vacuum gauge sensor
      baratron gauge
    • Sample loading door
    • Cooling water in/out port
    • Vacuum gauge for vacuum pressure control valve
      full Scale range: 10 Torr
      lowest suggested pressure for reading: 1 x 10-3 Torr
      lowest suggested pressure for control: 10 Torr
    • Angle valve NW 40 port
  • Gas Supply End Chamber

    Gas Supply End Chamber
    • Door
    • Gas Input port
      ¼ Inch Lock Type Fitting
    • Cooling Water In/Out Port
    • Convection Gauge
      CVG101 (ATM ~ 1 x 12-3)
    • Angle valve NW 40 port
  • Electric Power Panel

    Electric Power Panel
    • Main power magnet switch
      LS GMC-32
    • Rotary pump power magnet
      switch - LS GMC-9 / GTH-22(4~6A)
    • Furnace power magnet switch
      LS GMC-22
    • Main power circuit breaker
      LS ABS-32b (30A)
    • SMPS DC 24 V
      Suntronics VSF30-24
  • TCVD Error Alarm Singnal

    TCVD Error Alarm Singnal
    • When Heater Power Failure, Light Indicator is ON
    • When Heater Over Temp, Light is ON
    • When Cooling Water Light is ON
    • Pneumatic Alarm Light is ON
    • When Rotary pump overcurrent alarm light is ON
  • TCVD Service Tool Box Components

    TCVD Service Tool Box Components
    • Thermocouple 3EA, O-ring, Extra Lamp, Allen wrench, Bolts nuts Etc.
Technical Specification
CVD Reactor Tube type 4 inch diameter quartz
Substrate Size Lateral ion of 10 mm to <4 inch wafers possible. (Loading frames for small samples)
Rolled metallic foils can be loaded to synthesize A4 sized or larger 2D materials.
Heating Dual-zone heater controller can be used for graphene/h-BN synthesis.
Single-zone precursor heater Dual-zone deposition heater can be used for TMDC synthesis.
The heaters are movable along two rails the distance can be motor-controlled, enabling 10°C/sec or faster temperature change rate.
Base Pressure ~ 10-5 mbar (depending on the dryness of source)
Operating Pressure 10-3 mbar - 1 bar
Precursor gases Max 10 gas lines (ex. CH4, C2H4, NH3, B2H6, Ar, H2, H2S, H2Se, N2, O2) + 2 extra ports
Metal oxide sources of various transition metals placed in Heat Zone 1  for solid source growth
Other metal
organic (MO)
Extra 3 Metal-Organic Source Injection Ports are included. (ex Mo(CO)6, Fe(CO)5)
Low-T cold trap for residual sources
Flow control Precursor gases: 0.1 - 10 sccm
Other gases: 10 - 1000 sccm
Automatic flow control
Vacuum Turbo pump 450l/s (ISO160) < 10-6 mbar
Dry scroll pump < 10-1 mbar
Main Gate Valve Pneumatic type / Fore-line / roughing Angle Valve / Foamed bellows
By-pass pumping adaptor, clamp & centering
T-measurement Standard Thermocouple (NIR calibrated)
Sample switching Position switching at sample loading stage
System Control Control PC system (12" touch, dual core)
Serial Network module (4-ch)
Remote IO module (RS485)
System base programming / System recipe control module / System date file save module
Software upgrade support
Gas valve, angle valve Open/Close / Rotary pump On/Off switch / Main power On/Off switch
Cooling water & air pressure switch