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Size (mm): 2300(W) x 1770(H) x 750(D)
Up to 10 gases 3 MO sources for gas-phase synthesis.
Motor-controlled movable heater for fast heating cooling (patented).
Fully computer-controlled programmable recipes.
TCVD100 platform: Proven performance for ~100 systems for more than 5 years.
Invited training for full sample preparation processes from synthesis, etching, transfer.
Supply of high-quality source materials.
1 year warranty included (2 year extended warranty available)
CVD chambers connected to a Glove Box. Free from air exposure.



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Premium Custom Design Dual CVD System with a Glove Box
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system for the syntheses of 2D materials at scales from a chip to a wafer, including the synthesis of graphene, h-BN, TMDCs on various substrates by use of gas-phase or solid precursors metal-organic (MO) sources. The synthesized samples can be transferred to a glove box filled with inert gases for further processes without exposure to air environment.

  • Furnace ( Heater )

    Furnace ( Heater )
    • Heating element
      Kantal-A1 (~1050°C), SIC (~1300°C), Super Kantal (~1600°C)
    • Heater insulation
      Ceramic Fiber
    • Heater power
      220V 1Phase 3.5kW
    • Heater zone type
      1 zone
    • Quartz tube size
      φ 50mm - 100mm, 300mm / φ 100mm - 150mm, 350mm
    • Thermocouple (expendable)
      K-type single wire 1ea (~1100°C) / R-type (~1500°C)
    • Recommended temperature
      1000°C (Kantal-A1)
    • Quartz tube size(mm)
      φ - 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. / Length - 800, 1200, 1500, 1800, etc.
    • Rail applied
      Rapid cooling or rapid heating
  • TCVD Controller Panel

    TCVD Controller Panel
    • System status
    • System Valve Controller / Vacuum indicator
    • Furnace temperature controller
  • TCVD Vacuum/Gas Control

    • Rotary pump - W2V40 (*RP)

      Rotary pump - W2V40 (*RP)
      Pumping speed: 400 l/min
      Pump oil: fomblin oil

    • Rotary pump auto vent valve

      Rotary pump auto vent valve
      240 V AC (Normal open type)

    • Angle valve - NW 40

      Angle valve - NW 40
      port, Pneumatic type

    • MFC (Atovac AFC500)

      MFC (Atovac AFC500)
      a. MFC1 : Ar (1000 SCCM )
      b. MFC2 : CH4 (200 SCCM )
      c. MFC3 : H2 (100 SCCM ) 

      Pneumatic Valve
      a. Ar    input valve
      b. CH4    input valve
      c. H2    input valve
      d. Vent valve
      e. Main Gas input valve

  • Gas Module

    Gas Module
    • Bubbler carrier gas line
    • Bubbler gas line
    • Vent valve
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • Bubbler
    • Main gas valve
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • Gas manifold
    • Gas valve
    • Max 6 channel
    • Pneumatic Type (4~6kgf/cm3)
    • MFC (Atovac AFC-500)
    • Port - ¼" VCR type
  • Utility Area

    Utility Area
    • Pneumatic pressure switch - TCP SPS-206-01 (*Air Pressure Low)
      Control range : 0~0.6 MPa / Set pressure : 0.3 Mpa
    • Pneumatic regulator
      SYM BW20 (0.05~0.85MPa)
    • Solenoid valve
      Normal close , DC 24V / φ 4mm one touch fitting
    • Water pressure switch - TCP SPS-203-01(*Water Pressure Low)
      Control range : 0~0.3 MPa / Set pressure : 0.2 Mpa
    • Pneumatic port
      φ 6mm one touch fitting
    • Solenoid valve
      Normal close , DC 24V, / φ 4mm one touch fitting
    • Cooling water in/out port
      φ 3/8inch lock fitting
    • Angle valve - NW 40
      port, Pneumatic type
  • Sample Loading End Chamber

    Sample Loading End Chamber
    • Vacuum gauge sensor
      baratron gauge
    • Sample loading door
    • Cooling water in/out port
    • Vacuum gauge for vacuum pressure control valve
      full Scale range: 10 Torr
      lowest suggested pressure for reading: 1 x 10-3 Torr
      lowest suggested pressure for control: 10 Torr
    • Angle valve NW 40 port
  • Gas Supply End Chamber

    Gas Supply End Chamber
    • Door
    • Gas Input port
      ¼ Inch Lock Type Fitting
    • Cooling Water In/Out Port
    • Convection Gauge
      CVG101 (ATM ~ 1 x 12-3)
    • Angle valve NW 40 port
  • Electric Power Panel

    Electric Power Panel
    • Main power magnet switch
      LS GMC-32
    • Rotary pump power magnet
      switch - LS GMC-9 / GTH-22(4~6A)
    • Furnace power magnet switch
      LS GMC-22
    • Main power circuit breaker
      LS ABS-32b (30A)
    • SMPS DC 24 V
      Suntronics VSF30-24
  • TCVD Error Alarm Singnal

    TCVD Error Alarm Singnal
    • When Heater Power Failure, Light Indicator is ON
    • When Heater Over Temp, Light is ON
    • When Cooling Water Light is ON
    • Pneumatic Alarm Light is ON
    • When Rotary pump overcurrent alarm light is ON
  • TCVD Service Tool Box Components

    TCVD Service Tool Box Components
    • Thermocouple 3EA, O-ring, Extra Lamp, Allen wrench, Bolts nuts Etc.
Technical Specification
CVD Reactor Dual Tube type 4 inch diameter quartz.
Remote Microwave Plasma Module.
Connected to a Glove Box.
Substrate Size Lateral ion of 10 mm to < 4 inch wafers possible. )Loading frames for small samples)
Rolled metallic foils can be loaded to synthesize A4 sized or larger 2D materials.
Heating Dual-zone heater controller for graphene/h-BN synthesis. Single-zone precursor heater Dual-zone
deposition heater for TMDC synthesis.
The heaters are movable along two rails the distance can be motor-controlled, enabling 10ºC/sec or faster temperature change rate.
Base Pressure 10-5 mbar (depending on the dryness of source)
Operating Pressure 10-3 mbar - 1 bar
Precursor Max 10 gas lines (ex. CH4, C2H4, NH3, B2H6, Ar, H2, H2S, H2Se, N2, O2) + 2 extra ports.
Metal oxide sources of various transition metals placed in Heat Zone 1  for solid source growth.
Other metal
organic (MO)
Extra 3 Metal-Organic Source Injection Ports are included. (ex Mo(CO)6, Fe(CO)5)
Low-T cold trap for residual sources
Flow control Precursor gases: 0.1 - 10 sccm
Other gases: 10 - 1000 sccm
Automatic flow control
Vacuum Turbo pump 450l/s (ISO160) < 10-6 mbar
Dry scroll pump < 10-1 mbar
Main Gate Valve Pneumatic type / Fore-line / roughing Angle Valve / Foamed bellows
By-pass pumping adaptor, clamp & centering
T-measurement Stard Thermocouple (NIR calibrated)
Sample switching Position switching at sample loading stage
System Control Control PC system (12" touch, dual core)
Serial Network module (4-ch)
Remote IO module (RS485)
System base programming / System recipe control module / System date file save module
Software upgrade support
Gas valve, angle valve Open/Close / Rotary pump On/Off switch / Main power On/Off switch
Cooling water & air pressure switch